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0006996ardourbugspublic2016-08-30 19:04
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PlatformLinux 64bitOSGentooOS VersionCurrent
Product Version5.3 
Summary0006996: Steve Harris Plate Reverb plugin version 1.0.15 crashes Ardour
DescriptionJust for your information that I found that Steve Harris Plate Reverb plugin from SWH plugin bundle version 1.0.15 crashes Ardour.

I fixed this by getting the latest source (commit: 1aa77e5f443b16c5802beef5d5dc0d6075113d89) from and compiling and installing it. It fixed the crash.

My distro is Gentoo and its swh-lv2 plugin bundle is version 1.0.15. Steve Harris released 1.0.16 on January 4th 2016. Many distributions probably still has the old version.
Steps To Reproduce- Install Steve Harris plugin bundle version 1.0.15.
- Create a mono track
- Insert SWH Plate plugin on the track
- Ardour crashes.
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2016-08-30 09:18

reporter   ~0018516

Just one more note to be clear. Swh lv2 plugins version 1.0.15 work fine in Ardour 4.7, no crashes. The same plugins crash Ardour 5.3.


2016-08-30 18:56



2016-08-30 19:04

reporter   ~0018518

Added a crash report in case somebody needs it.

When running Ardour outside gdb it crashes when inserting the plate plugin and also when opening a previously saved session with the plate plugin on a track.

When running Ardour inside gdb it does not crash when inserting the plate plugin on a track, but crashes when opening a session with the plugin. The crash report is from opening a session with the plate plugin.

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