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0006961ardourbugspublic2016-09-07 00:24
Reporterantelaurijssen Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformUbuntuOS VersionXenial 
Product Version5.0 
Summary0006961: First midi note of certain midi regions is many db louder than the following notes
DescriptionFor certain midi regions of any given project, the first note of said region sounds much louder than any of the other notes, causing clipping and completely destroying balance. Deleting this note causes the next note in the region to see that sudden volume increase, and redrawing the note that was deleted does not solve the issue. The volume spike goes back to that first note. This happens on some midi instruments on most of the projects that I had created in Ardour 4 that I am opening with Ardour 5. I have not yet had this happen with projects created with Ardour 5, but will post if it happens.
Additional InformationThis is my first ever bug report. I hope it is enough information...
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2016-08-19 18:45

reporter   ~0018425

Related to this issue, if I move that first note from its original position at the start of the region to another spot, and then try to move it back to the start of the region, I cannot. If the Snap/Grid units are set to Beat/4 for example, I can only move it to within 1/4 beat from the start of the region. If it is set to Beat/32, the closest to the start of the region I can move the note is within 1/32 beat. Again, on certain midi regions, not all, and in a file that was created originally in Ardour 4.


2016-08-19 19:05

reporter   ~0018426

I opened a project today where I had seen this behaviour yesterday, and now instead of the first note being louder, it simply did not play. I then moved the note, resized it, moved it again to the start of the region (this time it did go all the way to the start), and played the track back. Once I did that, the first note played louder than the other notes again.


2016-08-20 02:17

administrator   ~0018433

What sound generator/midi receiver are you using? This all sounds extremely unlikely.


2016-08-22 00:17

reporter   ~0018461

Last edited: 2016-08-22 00:17

I had the same problem with an Ardour 4 session.

The interesting thing is that if the playback starts close to the problematic note the loudness will not be present. In my case this threshold is 794 ms at 48 kHz and 5.3 ms buffer size.

One workaround is to create a new region and copy the notes.


2016-08-22 01:06

reporter   ~0018462

Paul, this has happened with Samplv1, with a note every beat, four midi notes per region, triggering a kick sample. The first note was louder. However, I opened that project again and the problem was no longer there. Another file where this is an issue, the sound generator is Zynaddsubfx. The first note plays louder than the rest, when it plays. On some midi regions of that track the first note seems to be skipped.

I know this is kind of weird, and reading my explanation/description, it may not be clear. Paul, is there any way I can run Ardour that will produce a report on all the midi events that could help?


2016-08-25 03:08

reporter   ~0018479

So this happened again, this time with a project I started entirely in Ardour 5. Here is the description of what happened:

1) Created a Midi track and used Samplv1 as the sound generator.
2) Created a few Midi regions in that track triggering a kick drum sample I loaded into SamplV1
3) Worked on my song, added a bunch of tracks, effects, etc.
4) After working on it for a few hours, I decided I wanted to sidechain a few tracks to a sidechain compressor. So, created a new bus, routed the output of some tracks to the input of the sidechain compressor.
5) Created a new midi track and used Zynaddsubfx as the generator. I copied the kick drum midi regions into that new track which would be used as the sidechain trigger.
Once I had copied the kick drum midi region, all of a sudden the first note of every midi region of that track was louder than the rest. This is annoying, as the velocity is all the same, nothing has changed, and erasing/redrawing the not does not change anything. It stays louder than the rest.

Hope this helps. Thanks!


2016-08-30 04:15

reporter   ~0018514

Haven't tried to reproduce this, but does the bug occur without the sidechain compression?


2016-09-01 01:18

reporter   ~0018530

Alright, I have been able to find out exactly when this happens. Basically, whenever I copy midi regions from one midi track to the other, the first note of each region of the second midi track is louder than the other notes. If I unlink all of those midi regions from other regions, the first note stops being louder. And this happens without the sidechain compressor or anything else. I'm guessing there is something wrong with midi copy.


2016-09-06 21:09

administrator   ~0018555

Please attach a small session file that demonstrates this issue. Please also attach the .mid file from the session.

I cannot reproduce it by following the simple steps outlined above.


2016-09-06 21:10

administrator   ~0018556

Oh, and also try it with Reasonable Synth (built into Ardour).


2016-09-07 00:21


MidiTest.ardour (69,890 bytes)


2016-09-07 00:21



2016-09-07 00:21



2016-09-07 00:24

reporter   ~0018557

Hi Paul,

I have attached the files, hope that is correct. I tried with a couple of synths. Reasonable Synth actually does not have this behaviour. I guess I use Zynaddsubfx and Samplv1 alot, and they do this. In the file, the original midi track uses Reasonable, and the copy uses Zynaddsubfx. I am going to try with some more synths/plugins other than those three to see which ones do it. I didn't think it was a plugin problem at first, since it did it with two different ones. Anyways, hopefully with my file you can reproduce what happens. Let me know if you need any other files. Thanks!

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