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Summary0000696: ui problems with fades and xfades
Description1. fades and xfades should be directly accesible under a separate mode - the reason is that if a region is almost entirely covered with a wide fade and/or xfade at both region edges and the user rightclicks upon that region it becomes very hard/impossible to access the region context menu - thus they should only be indirectly accesible through region context menu
2.fades should not overlap - if they do and the user right-clicks upon overlap it's not possible to determine which fade the context menu belongs to
However, this introduced a nice feature similar to per-region gain, which would be possible to retain - dragging one fade control point towards bottom of a region would lower the gain threshold which is currently represented by region-top.

3. xfades should not be differentiated by color, they already are differentiated by their direction.

4. it is currently not possible to determine what happens if an xfade "overlaps" a fade.
a) The curve of an xfade should start at the position where the xfade intersects the fade curve. This should be visible in the xfade editor aswell.
b) also, it's currently possible to grab and move the fade control point if it's not overlapped by an xfade/region - once released under the xfade (or a region that is overlapping the other region the fade control point belongs to), it becomes inaccessible.

There are two ways to deal with this:

[less elegant]

If this happens and the xfade is active/enabled, the fade should be disabled automatically. however if the xfade is disabled, it should be possible to move a fade control point even in the area of the xfade. Previously active fades that were disabled by moving their control points beyond reach should become active automatically once the active xfade is disabled and vice-versa.

[more elegant and cool but needs mode separation]

It should be possible to entirely _merge_ fade and xfade functionality
i) if there are two regions with fades and the user moves one region so that it overlaps the other, ardour should automatically create an xfade from existing fades.
in this case, overlapping fades might not correspond to the region overlap
ii)if there are no fades present, ardour just goes on as usual, in this case the fade overlap would correspond to region overlap.

5. regions+fades+xfades need color adjustment to be more readable to the user.

6. fade editor should be exactly the same as xfade editor, with the exception that it would show a closeup of the entire region with existing fades. This again unifies user experience and simplifies workflow.
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