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Platform64bitOSXubuntuOS Version16.04
Product Version5.8 
Summary0006957: Track template overrides track type
DescriptionI have a custom track template (for audio tracks) called Bass, that has some basic EQ and compression to make a rough first mix with a bass guitar. When I have used that template to add the track to my session, and after that I want to add a MIDI track for a synth, the "add track" menu assumes that I want to reuse the track template from before (Bass, which is an audio track template). I then switch the top dropdown box to MIDI, now the "configuration" dropdown is greyed out, and still has "bass" selected. I choose my synth, and now click "add track".

Contrary to what I would expect, I do not get my MIDI track with the right synth, but another "Bass" audio-track. As the "configuration" dropdown is greyed out, I would expect it to be ignored. However, it is not.
Steps To Reproduce* Open new project, add audio track.
* Modify some configuration and save that track as a template
* add another audio track using that template
* Now add a midi track, without first modifying the "configuration" setting
* click "add track"

Here you would expect to have a MIDI track, possibly with some chosen MIDI instrument, but you get an Audio track
Additional InformationA detail that I expect is minor: the track template was created using Ardour 4.7, the track template was used in Ardour 5.0.0.
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2017-05-12 23:57

developer   ~0019683

I can confirm this issue with 5.8.728

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