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0006956ardourbugspublic2019-05-27 19:57
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PlatformPCOSLinux MintOS Version18 MATE
Summary0006956: Note gets stuck when it touches the endddd of the loop region (Ardour 5.0.5)
DescriptionWhen I loop a midi region driving a synthesizer, if there is a note that ends right where the loop region ends or beyond - it will get stuck when the playback loops. Looks like the note off is never sent for that note, and as I understand it - it should be sent for all notes that play when the playhead is jumping back to the loop_start marker.

The problem is this happens more or less randomly sometimes it's there every single time, sometimes I can't catch the darn thing to show you :)
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a midi track
2. Put a note lasting one beat
3. Create a loop region 2-beats long that start one beat before the MIDI note so that the note neds right where the loop ends, but the loop starts earlier
4. Press "L" to play in loop mode.
5. Watch out for stuck notes.
Additional InformationHere's a video demonstrating the problems:
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duplicate of 0006939 new Hanging midi notes when playing loops 



2016-08-16 19:57

reporter   ~0018383

This occurs here too in A5.0.5 and it looks like it is caused by notes, that do not *end* before the end of the looped region.


2016-09-29 13:37

administrator   ~0018726

MIDI looping should be 100% fixed in current nightly builds, and the upcoming 5.4 release.

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