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0006955ardourbugspublic2016-08-16 20:08
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PlatformPCOSLinux MintOS Version18 MATE
Summary0006955: Plugin windows have no "X" to close them in MATE desktop
DescriptionAll windows Ardour open to show plugin UI, regardless if it's a generic UI or a custop one (for LV2 plugins for example) - there is no way to close the window with one click - there is no "X" button on the titlebar.

I learned to use Alt+F4 hotkey because of this issue.

This is present in 5.0 stable, as well as 5.0-pre.

I was hoping it'll be fixed but now I see i need to bring attention to this issue.
Steps To Reproduce1. Load any session in Ardour 5.0 or later using MATE desktop
2. Open any plugin's GUI (either generic or custom)
3. Try to close the window with the mouse - there's no close button on the window decoration!
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2016-08-16 16:29


Screen.png (885,110 bytes)


2016-08-16 17:58

administrator   ~0018381

Ardour's own Ctrl-w/Cmd-w binding should also work to close the window.

Are there any buttons in the WM decoration bar?


2016-08-16 18:00

administrator   ~0018382

sorry, missed the screenshot.

this seems like a bug/configuration detail of MATE.

the plugin GUIs are tagged as "utility" windows; seems as if MATE interprets that to conclude that they do not need window decoration. Other WM's do not do this.


2016-08-16 20:08

reporter   ~0018385

Have you tried changing the window border theme? I have come across this issue before when running Mate and it turned out that it was just an issue with the theme I was using.

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