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0006945ardourbugspublic2016-08-18 03:12
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Platformamd64OSDebian LinuxOS Version8
Product Version5.0-pre 
Summary0006945: Hard to resize regions
DescriptionResizing regions is extremely difficult, the active area for the resize handles seems to be only one pixel or so
Steps To ReproduceTry to resize regions with mouse
Additional InformationArdour 5.0.5 official
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duplicate of 0006912 new Hard to trim region at the very begining of the session 



2016-08-14 13:17

reporter   ~0018365

This affects me also (Ardour 5.0.5).

It seems the area for clip edge detection is 1 pixel wide when the user has zoomed way out. If you then zoom several steps in the edge size increases as expected. However if you now zoom back out, the size of the edge detection area stays wider than intially, and moving clip borders becomes easy again.

Seems like a values in an internal variable in Ardour is intially incorrect and gets corrected when zooming in.


2016-08-14 16:19

reporter   ~0018368

Maybe I should give some more information to help out here.

The problem manifests itself so that the area in the beginning of a clip that turns on the mouse tool which can drag the clip border is very very small. When you move your mouse pointer across the clip border very slowly the mouse tool flashes so shortly that its hard to stop the mouse at the right place to activate the drag tool.

I had this happen when I had opened a session created and recorded with Ardour 4.7. When I opened the session the Edit window showed about 1 min 30 seconds of the session. Session total length is about 2 hours 30 minutes. Zoom info saved in the session was:

<Option name="wave-amplitude-zoom" value="0"/>
<Option name="wave-zoom-factor" value="2"/>

The problem seems to fix itself when you zoom in down to the level where you can see the short fade ins and fade outs Ardour makes automatically to the clips (Edit - window shows about 200 ms of the session). If you now zoom back out, the area where the mouse pointer turns into the drag tool is much much wider and it is now easy to stop the mouse at the correct place to activate the drag tool.


2016-08-16 08:56

reporter   ~0018377

affects me also


2016-08-18 03:12

administrator   ~0018400

fixed in git, commit 71236425a6f92c45

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