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0006930features2020-04-19 20:18
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Summary0006930: spectral analysis: display exact frequency and value
DescriptionIn the spectral analysis, it can be hard to determine exact frequencies of peaks/notches, especially somewhere between the grid lines.
The same is true for the corresponding dB value.

It would be nice to have the coordinates (dB value, frequency) displayed when mouse-hovering over the chart.
Additional InformationThis is captured from an email:

On 07/22/2016 03:59 PM, "fred <>" wrote as excerpted:
> in one of my dreams, that excessive peak between 2k and 7k, if I
> put the mouse over a pop-up says "4321Hz"..
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2016-07-23 21:35

developer   ~0018318

I wrote and to handle this request.

In the plugin analysis fft, both frequency and dB values are shown, but for now only the frequency is shown for the spectral analysis window. The reason is that minimum dB, maximum dB, and even the top margin are computed again on every redraw. In my opinion this is too costly to run on each mouseover event.

The good way to solve that would be to cache these values and invalidate when needed, but for now I kept this simple until I am certain that the feature is indeed wanted and implemented satisfactorily.


2016-07-24 11:14

administrator   ~0018320

Spectral Analysis window includes displays the freq since Ardour 5.0-pre1-12-g7897b75

Since it's a long-term integrated value, dBFS display does not make much sense. A [relative] dB display could sense when combined with markers or distance measurement (peak vs noise or peak-to-peak-band).

PS. I'm not convinced loudness-analysis needs this, a lot more useful would be to allow to move the editor-playhead to a position corresponding to a point in the Loudness Analysis window (but for post-export that opens a can of worms, so alas, it's not going to happen soonish).


2016-07-26 06:14

developer   ~0018323

This bug can be closed, right ?


2016-07-26 08:50

administrator   ~0018324

Spectrum analysis Freq display was added in Ardour 5.0-pre1-12-g7897b75
and plugin-analysis in 5.0-pre1-24-g46c311b

Please test


2016-08-25 09:48

reporter   ~0018480

Excellent, thanks a lot everyone!
(I'd find dBFS display "interesting" as well but it's by far less informative than the frequency, correct – so that's not important)


2020-04-19 20:18

developer   ~0023630

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Feel free to re-open with additional information if you think the issue is not resolved.

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