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0006927features2016-07-30 14:37
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PlatformKx studio 14.04 LTSOSKx studio 14.04 LTSOS Version 14.04 LTS
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Summary0006927: easy short cut to add-supp trck output.
DescriptionI've tried the "3band split" from disthro.
It make 6output and I've discovered the very nice interface to configure this!

But removing the plug don't update the tracks output.
I think the program have to ask the user if he want to remove them.
Also, a shortcut by RMB on pan will easy link to ADD/SUPP outputs.
The actual way to do this is to hidden in a distant menu.
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2016-07-16 10:56

developer   ~0018305

You probably want to use strict-io ? Along with the "Pin connections" dialog, it enables a nice worflow IHMO. I'm not sure that adding and esp. removing channels should be that easy to do, especially if there's a risk of doing it by mistake.


2016-07-21 14:57

reporter   ~0018315

Removing channels should not be that easy to do, you're right.
But recover normal state after put and remove the "3band split" plug should not be so hard.
Maybe the good compromise is to not change anything, but propose to remove the automatically added channels, when we remove the plug that have made this.


2016-07-23 12:24

developer   ~0018316

Xzu: Have you tried the Strict I/O mode of Ardour 5.0pre ? It should remove unneeded channels when a plugin is removed. Strict I/O might prevent the automatic creation of new channels when adding the plugin, only connecting the two first outputs if the channel is stereo. But you always can wire your plugin manually with exactly the connections that make sense to you with the Pin Connections dialog.


2016-07-23 18:24

reporter   ~0018317

Ok. I didn't understand the 2 first sentences.
I've not tested with A5-pre because I'm running A4 for now, to work.
Maybe an optional "dialog window" should propose this menu when removing plugs?

The auto creation of missing/needed channel is not a bad thing.


2016-07-30 14:26

developer   ~0018334

The strict-io mode is a new addition or Ardour5 that constrains the number of channels in the track to be the same all along the channel, with the addition of a "plugin connections" window that enables you to change the way the plugin is wired, and the number of channels that continue after the plugin. See

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