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0006913ardourbugspublic2016-11-20 01:04
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PlatformAppleOSOSXOS Version10.9.5
Product Version5.0-pre 
Summary0006913: MIDI Notes Not Moving Correctly with Arrow Keys
DescriptionWhen selecting a group of notes via either the draw tool or the internal edit tool and you use the arrow key to move the selected notes up or down, it scrolls the entire edit window up and down. It does not work until you first select a single note. Once you’ve selected a single note and then re-select the notes you want then the arrow keys work as intended. Until you select a single note first however, any selection of multiple notes will not move up or down, only the entire edit window will scroll up or down.
This also occurs when you switch to another program and then back to Ardour. The same behavior then occurs. The same behavior also seems to occur when moving notes left/right.
Steps To ReproduceSelect a midi region. Switch to the internal edit tool. Select a group of notes. Use the up/down arrows to move the notes. Result: the entire edit window scrolls up and down.

After the above steps, then select one note only. After selecting the note, then re-select the previous notes and attempt to move them with the arrow keys. Notes now move up and down as intended.

Now, switch to another program and then immediately back to Ardour and again select notes and attempt to move via arrow keys. Result: Same behavior occurs and notes cannot be moved until a single note is selected and then the group of notes is re-selected.
Additional InformationThe same behavior seems to occur when trying to move a selection of notes left or right. First, a single note has to be selected then you need to re-select the group of notes to move left/right as intended with the arrow keys.
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2016-11-20 01:03

developer   ~0018997

I can not reproduce this with nightly build version 5.4.397 (32-bit on OSX 10.6.8)

Can you please try and reproduce with a version >= 5.4.397 and confirm whether or not this issue is fixed.

You can get a recent build to test via

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