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0006910bugs2016-07-27 12:09
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Status feedbackResolutionopen 
PlatformlinuxOSxubuntuOS Version14.04
Product Version5.0-pre 
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Summary0006910: tracks don't show up
Descriptiontoday I install the automatic update to ardour 5.0 and now the audio as well as the midi tracks are not visible anymore. If right click where I suspect the track I get the context menu but the track is not visible.
if i press play the sound is played. recording is possible.
last week ardour worked fine.
Steps To Reproduceinstall latest update of ardour
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2016-06-28 18:55


snapshot1.png (130,008 bytes)
snapshot1.png (130,008 bytes)


2016-06-28 18:56

reporter   ~0018262

I tried to change the theme but this doesn't fix the bug.


2016-07-06 22:30

administrator   ~0018282

This sort of bug is probably not worth reporting to mantis. Things like this can change daily. You're better off talking to us on IRC.

My impression is that this was only a problem for a very short time, and is now fixed.


2016-07-27 12:09

developer   ~0018329

Is this still a problem for you ? I cannot reproduce, and it seems we can close the bug as "works now".

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