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0006907features2016-06-25 03:02
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Summary0006907: A few ideas for Ardour's GUI
DescriptionHi, following Paul's instructions, here are the suggestions I have for the GUI. I have no idea of how hard it is to implement it (hopefully not much), but I think that these changes, even if subtle, made the interface feel a bit easier to read. Here are the original screenshot that I used as reference and the other one with my suggestions:

And a list of the things I've changed:

1. Deleted a thin frame around the plugins rack;
2. Deleted a thin frame around the toolbar;
3. Adjusted text's vertical alignment in the sprung bar; (fixed in 5.0!)
4. Adjusted text's vertical alignment in the timecode and bars:beats lines;
5. Deleted borders on tempo, punch in/out and location markers;
6. Put a frame around the track "headers";
7. Same color on the empty space at the bottom left of the screen after the last track;
8. Shadows around the track headers.

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2016-06-25 03:02


ardour_tweaked.png (118,362 bytes)
ardour_tweaked.png (118,362 bytes)

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