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0006903bugs2016-06-21 21:20
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PlatformPC i5OSUbuntu OS VersionXenial 16.04
Product Version4.7 
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Summary0006903: automation not working on bus
I am using the mute automation on a bus but it works only randomly. Most of the time actually it does not work at all. If I hit pause and play again then the correct status is used.
Mind that I do have the automation in "Play mode"

Looking at the "Automation bar" in the main view shows the automation change but when looking at the mixer view there I can see that the mute flag is not impacted until I press pause/play.

I have been using the mute automation on normal tracks without any issue.
I am using Ardour 4.7 on ubuntu.
any idea ?
Steps To ReproduceHave 2 tracks to a bus
create an Mute automation track on this bus
use the write function to make some mute/unmute
put in play mode and play the mix
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