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0006891bugs2016-06-02 18:30
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Summary0006891: Does not save MIDI state over time
DescriptionMy installation of Ardour does not save MIDI state over time. If I'm working on the same session on a regular basis, it seems to save MIDI state. If I work on other sessions and/or some time passes and I open a session that has not been used in some time, there are either no MIDI connections or the MIDI connections are not where I left them the last time I had the session open. In either case, I must then manually patch all my MIDI connections. This is time-consuming and very frustrating if it has been a while and I do not recall off the top of my head where everything is supposed to connect.

All this assumes everything else is static. Equipment has not changed. Physical connections have not changed. Everything is always turned on before JACK starts. The version of Ardour being used has not been changed. Etc.
Steps To Reproduce1. Open or create session.
2. Make MIDI connections.
3. Save session.
4. Exit session.
5. Use other sessions, allow time to pass. (A couple of weeks or more, for example.)
6. Open session mentioned in step 1.
Additional InformationPlease let me know how I can help with this issue.
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