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0006885features2016-05-23 17:35
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Summary0006885: Keybinding of M-Audio Oxygen 49 (MK IV) buttons to mute tracks
DescriptionI use a Keybinding map I found on Github to bind some button controllers i.e. to the ardour mute funtion of the master or of some other tracks. The Oxygen has about nine buttons so one coult mute / unmute 9 tracks i.e.
Problem is, that the code the keyboard sends does not work for muting in Ardour.

Background: The keybinding maps in Ardour only works, when I switch the MIDI controller in "auto" mode by pressing the "Auto" button on that keyboard. M-Audio named that feature "DirectLink".

The MIDI Code the board sends is fixed in that "Auto" mode and is not editable on the board. In Auto Mode the buttons send two triggers, one with a value of 127 when pressing the button down and another trigger with value zero when releasing the button. So in ardour to mute a track you permantenly have to press the button. That's worth nothing.

So while it is not possible to change the MIDI Code, that Keyboard controller sends in Auto Mode would it be possible to let Ardour support a "two trigger, one mute switch" behavior?
Steps To ReproduceBuild a keymap that maps the button controller MIDI Code to the mute function.
Additional InformationIn "normal" mode I was able to programm the button to a switch mode behavior. So it sends a value of 127 by the first presse down and release cycle, and a value of zero by the secound down and release cycle.
On the Keyborad it is the control asign value 146, see manual of Oxygen online.
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