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0006881ardourbugspublic2016-09-17 12:26
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Product Version4.7 
Summary0006881: MIDI / loop recording broken (bad user experience)
DescriptionThis is an overview of the different parts of MIDI recording that contains bugs and confusing behavior and that should be dealed with in one go to create a reasonable and consistent user experience.

It is probably a good idea to make several issues out of this one and to have it
as an overview. However first the feedback of the developers is needed and based on this I or other could create new tickets and link them.
Steps To Reproduce
observations while recording without looping:

- record mode although an option won't change and is always "normal mode"

- recording creates a new (layered) region for every new take (how it should). all of this regions are active (not muted) by default (only the last region should be activated IMHO)

- punching works as expected

observations while recording with looping:

- record mode although an option won't change and is always "normal mode"

- however it behaves completely different: it does not create a new layered region for every new arrival at the beginning of the loop, instead the recording is written in a linear fashion past the loop region as if there is no loop activated at all (although the playhead moves within the loop and the tracks are played with the loop

- if the punching range is within the loop range, punching does not work at all: the punch-in is not respected (i.e. it starts the recording with the loop), the punch out is not respected as well but instead it does not record any events after the first round within the loop

In a related problem: there is no visual indication of regions that are muted, so you can't see which of the stacked layers are active.

(didn't check the loop operations for audio recording)
Additional InformationHow I would expect it to work:

- all record modes are usable

- in normal mode only the last layered region is active

- there is an additional mode ("normal overdub" or any better name) that acts like the normal mode but keeps every layered region active

- not active regions are muted (like gain -> mute). muted regions are greyed out

- loop recording creates new layered region when in "normal" or "normal overdub" mode. empty regions are removed immediately (when reentering the loop the next time, still while recording and when recording stops)

- loop recording in combination with punching range equal to or within the loop range should only record within the punching range for every loop. punching range outside of the loop or overlapping punching ranges are ignored

- maybe it makes sense to have an additional loop recording mode (like "playback loop" that records past the loop range like it behaves now. then the punching range could be respected like it would be if there was no looping (i.e. the loop only affects the playback)

another way to implement the loop recording would be to have a loop-recording button in addition to the record button and let the normal loop button in combination with the normal record button act like "playback loop" recording mode (i.e. like now but without the punching bugs). that would also affect audio recording (would not be bad to have this "normal overdub" and loop recording thingie for audio tracks).

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