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0006873features2016-05-11 11:14
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Summary0006873: Total color customization map
DescriptionHere's some map of residual none-adjustable items for color customization through Edit>Preferences>Theme in Ardour 4.7.0.

I've made a "total-gray" theme to detect any none-customizable items.
My offer to add them to 'my-dark.colors'-file so we could control them.
Personally I'm not a programmer, but I could do visual maps for working, if it has any benefit.

May be there's a good value to make some list of residual items:

1. transport_record_button_point>fill
2. transport_record_button_point>blinked
3. track_header_record_button_point>fill
4. track_header_record_button_point>blinked...

But I don't know how to call the items correctly.

Also I don't know: may be, for example, Items 6,7,8,9,10 are the same with 50,51,52,53,54 inside the program? If so, I could correct that numbers in my map.

And finelly. If in future we want to customize every color, may be it would be good to make every new buttons or text items through the 'my-dark.colors'-file?

Link to map:

Link to total-gray 'my-dark.colors'-file:
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2016-05-11 11:11


Total customasing.jpg (1,648,485 bytes)


2016-05-11 11:14


my-dark.colors (30,874 bytes)

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