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0006865features2016-04-26 22:53
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Summary0006865: Use tree view instead of left/sideways tabs in connection manager for easier interpretation
DescriptionIf a tree view was used for the left/sideways tabs in connection manager, it would make it much easier and quicker to interpret. The bottom tabs are easy to read, and the angled read outs are easy too. The tabs at the side are harder to figure out without turning your head. Using a tree view would make the connection matrix much easier to work with.

Additional request -
Seeing as some windows are moving towards the tree view, it might be consistent to also change other such windows to tree view, such as the key bindings window.
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2016-04-26 22:53


matrix_tree_view.png (24,275 bytes)
matrix_tree_view.png (24,275 bytes)

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