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0006863features2016-04-22 09:30
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Summary0006863: Not enough possibilities of color customization
DescriptionI've made some extremely decolorized theme to exclude any dark colors in Ardour's appearance. I went to "Preferences">"Theme">"Palette" and changed any dark colors to light. But found that some dark areas in Ardour's appearance steel there. Illustration:

If we want to get some good-readable light theme, we need a dark text in light areas.
The main problem is that the slot for 'menu text, track name text and etc.' - is general ("Preferences">"Theme">"Items">"gtk_foreground"). If I make this dark, it becomes invisible in dark areas. See illustration:

So we need a separate slot for each text items, or we need to find how to change that shown dark areas.

The link to the experimental theme-file (it's also uploaded):
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2016-04-22 09:30


my-dark.colors (31,146 bytes)

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