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0006859bugs2016-04-18 14:24
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Summary0006859: Problem with imported files with the same file name
DescriptionImporting two different files with the same file name (they are in different folders) works great. However, after restarting the session, Ardour is asking which file to take (see screenshot). But actually both files are in the project! So if I choose one they will all be replaced with that file, which is a wrong behavior.

My user case is the following: I got files recorded with a Zoom recorder. The Recorder makes different folder, but write the files inside with the same names like Zoom01.wav, Zoom02.wav etc.

I can't change ne name of the files because other people are working with them on other (proprietary) software and we all need to keep the same fils with the same names.

So I imported the different files (with the same names) from the diferent folders. Ardour managed that really good, everything is working, each file is at its right place in the timeline. Saving the project, closing it, restarting. Ardour gets confused about the same file names and prompts me to choose which file I want to use (although I want to use them all at the right place).

So for now it is not possible to use several files with the same file name in an ardour project. (Well, it is possible, but don't save, close and restart the project!)

Steps To Reproduce1. Import two different files (with the same name) from two different folders into an ardour session
2. save, close, restart the session.
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duplicate of 0006558 closedtimbyr Adding file with the same name results in missing files after reopening the session 



2016-04-18 14:08


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Screenshot-3.png (18,494 bytes)

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