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0006857ardourbugspublic2016-09-12 10:39
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Summary0006857: Playhead jumps to wrong place on clicking in ruler
DescriptionIf the editor is scrolled so that zero on the timeline is off to the left of the visibe area, clicking in the ruler to position the playhead makes it jump to the wrong place. I think it jumps to the offset in the session assuming that zero is at the left-hand edge of the editor.
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2016-09-09 11:56

developer   ~0018580

I can't seem to reproduce with version 5.3, can you please confirm whether this is still an issue?


2016-09-12 10:28

updater   ~0018607

Ah, missing piece of recipe: this is with 'Allow dragging of playhead' disabled.


2016-09-12 10:39

developer   ~0018608

Yes, I can confirm there is definitely an issue when 'Allow dragging of playhead' is disabled.

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