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0006854bugs2016-04-01 13:55
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Summary0006854: Ardour does not save LV2 parameters with identical names.
DescriptionWhen a parameter has the same name as another one in a different parameter group, Ardour 4.7 only saves the value of the first occurrence of that parameter.

In the automation menu, the groups are not part of the param name, so maybe that explains why Ardour cannot differentiate them.

Qtractor does save all params, even though it also doesn't include group names in the automation.

An example plugin that does this:

I also tried with Ardour 3, and it saves some values, but mixes up the order.
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2016-04-01 11:47

administrator   ~0018119

Do you have a generated .ttl for the plugin?

lv2:name plays no role in state save/restore.

Ardour (actually liblilv) always uses to save/restore port values as per spec.


2016-04-01 13:28


lowShelfComp.ttl (14,006 bytes)


2016-04-01 13:29


manifest.ttl (1,450 bytes)


2016-04-01 13:30

reporter   ~0018120

There you go.
Thanks for the quick response!


2016-04-01 13:45

administrator   ~0018121

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There are lots of duplicate symbols names. (e.g. "threshold", "fade_time",...)

lv2:symbol must be unique (see above specs for the details). If it works in qtractor it means qtractor [wrongly] uses lv2:index which will fall over as soon as you re-order ports.

Apart from that, lv2validate [1] finds 40 errors in lowShelfComp.ttl.


PS. upcoming liblilv will refuse to load lv2 plugins which won't parse cleanly, so future versions of ardour, jalv, etc won't load this plugin as-is.


2016-04-01 13:55

reporter   ~0018122

OK, thanks. I didn't know about lv2validate.

I'll forward the info to faust2lv2, which generated the ttl.

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