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0006847bugs2016-03-28 21:52
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Summary0006847: Plug-in controls do not respond when the mouse pointer moves outside the plug-in window
DescriptionDragging on a plug-in UI control, the control stops moving / responding when the mouse pointer leaves the plug-in's Window. Cause appears to be failure of Ardour to deliver mouse events to the Plug-in, e.g. failure to call 'mouseDragged' 'mouseDown' 'mouseUp' etc on the plug-in's NSView when the pointer is outside the NSView. Tested with various manufacturer's plug-ins, constructed with various plug-in 'toolkits'.
Steps To ReproduceOpen an AudioUnit plug-in in Ardour for Mac. Click on e.g. a front panel control, drag the control such that the mouse pointer moves outside of the plug-in's UI window e.g. over the Ardour canvas, mixer etc. While the mouse pointer is outside the bounds of the window, the control remains unresponsive
Additional InformationIssue is reliably repeatable with plug-ins from several different developers, using different UI toolkits / implementations in their UIs. Does not happen with the same plug-ins in Logic, Reaper, Presonus Studio One, or presumably other AU hosts.
A plug-in is only aware of mouse input via its NSView mouse* overrides. If these are not called, there is nothing the plug-in can do to respond or to become telepathically aware that something has happened. Ardour appears to block these calls depending upon the mouse pointer location.
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