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0006840features2016-03-28 07:47
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Product VersionMixbus 3.2 
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Summary0006840: Better management scheme for Ardour / Mixbus colours
DescriptionIt's occurred to me that the current theming strategy in Ardour doesn't work very well. IIUC whenever a user chooses a custom colour, Ardour produces a new theme file called "my-dark.colors". If my-dark.colors exists at launch time, it gets used in preference to dark.colors. So my-dark.colors is effectively a complete theme file that over-rides the default file. But the problem is that if (say) Harrison introduces some new controls, Ardour will carry on using the old file, 'my-dark.colors'. So the controls and colours get out of sync and we end up with a very garish theme (lots of users have complained about this).

It seems to me that my-dark.colors probably shouldn't hold a full theme. Things would work better if it only held a subset of any colours changed by the user. The main theme should always get loaded (from dark.colors) and it should then get modified (if necessary) using any entries from my-dark.colors. That way, it'd be possible to produce updated themes from time to time - but without it screwing up any user preferences.
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