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0000684ardourfeaturespublic2007-02-28 16:57
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Summary0000684: Message suggesting creating a track when none exist?
DescriptionIn response to the slashdot thread between xiphmont and paulbd (, I suggest a message advising the user to create a track if the current session has no tracks yet.
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2004-08-12 22:37

reporter   ~0001408

i'll rather pefer a dialog at startup asking.

1. Open session
2. Create new session
3. Create new session with teplate
4. Create template


2004-08-12 22:53

reporter   ~0001409

Wasn't there one of those at one point, or am I thinking of something else?

In any case, you can still end up in the situation of having a big empty session with no tracks and no idea how to proceed.


2006-12-12 18:06

administrator   ~0002888

Maybe it'd be better to just present the "new track" dialog instead of telling the user to go there.

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