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0006820features2016-03-14 14:09
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Summary0006820: apply plugins directly into regions (destructive editing)
DescriptionI would like Ardour could apply plugins directly into regions or arquives without automations. This would facilitate many processes, despite spending more resources.
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2016-03-12 16:05

administrator   ~0018065

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"Freeze" (right click somewhere on an audio track) can do this to some extent.

It'll apply plugins incl automation, generating a new region and then disable the plugins. It's non-destructive since a new region is generated.

This works on track level (not per region) and only plugins until the first [aux-]send are applied.


2016-03-14 14:09

reporter   ~0018066

It's very laborious. It would be easier to have the option of editing as Audacity, for example.

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