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0006819features2016-03-12 14:05
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Summary0006819: wish: rhythm ferret split regions could have a minimal region lenght option
DescriptionIt's very hard to stall drums on the grid when kick and snare are sometimes played simultaneously. If I detect attacks with rhythm ferret on kick and snare regions, some attacks are detected at two very near points (one on the kick attack, one on the snare attack). Solution for user is to move one of these attack bars at an other point, but it will split regions somewhere it should not. Can remove manually these attacks could be a solution, but it needs work from user.

Another way to see would be to set an option with 'split regions', for example in a new dialog when 'split regions' is actived. These option could be named for example 'Minimal region lenght', and a cursor where user can set the minimal region lenght in milliseconds. Then, regions are splitted on attack only if previous attack is far from at least the 'Minimal region lenght'. (and if the attack is the first one, it split regions anyway).

We can also imagine something simpler, instead to get a cursor to set manually the minimal region lenght in ms, this option could be named 'minimal region lenght is half of a grid period'. The behaviour is the same as previously but the minimum region lenght is automatically set to the half of grid period (if grid is on 'beat', minimal region lenght equals to 'beat/2' duration).
This way it will prevent to get two (or more) regions starting at the same point of the grid after snaping regions to grid. It will also do exactly what user want to do most of the time.

Steps To Reproducerecord (or import) a drum with kick and snare attacks played simultaneously.
Select kick and snare regions, right click, edit > rhythm ferret.
Click on 'analyse'.
Select all tracks of the drum.
On rhythm ferret window, select operation 'split regions', and press 'Apply'.
Re-select all splitted regions.
select operation 'snap regions', and press 'Apply'.
Select operation 'conform regions', press apply, and see regions at the simultaneous kick and snare attacks.
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