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Summary0006813: Bug with time signature/meter and virtual instrument drum machine sequencers
DescriptionI have tried both motu bpm and akai mpc essentials software instruments and both have the same timing issue when loaded into ardour or mixbus 3.1. When either of these plugins are loaded, ardour will display bar1/beat1, but the plugin playhead will locate to bar2/beat2 and that is where pattern playback will begin when the start button is engaged on ardour. This doesn't happen in other daw's I have.
Steps To ReproduceNow I am not 100% sure it's the time signature/meter that is causing this to happen but it is the only setting I have found that moves the playhead within the plugin to bar1/beat1 to match ardour's bar1/beat1. You might want to download the mpc software first, and once installed just run in demo mode so you dont have to authorize the software. Here's the link- What I did to match the playhead inside of the plug to ardour's start locate is go to edit meter, then change beats per bar to 7, then change note value to any setting- default is quarter note. It will now start when it should but the beats will get out of sync because of the beats per bar being changed to 7/4 instead of lets say 4/4.
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I have also reproduced the problem with Maschine, Maschine 2.0 and Innerclock Systems Sync Gen software with Mixbus v 3.3. Essentially any plugin with an internal sequencer such as a virtual drum machine starts 2 bars and 2 beats late every time.
When I go to the start of the session in Mixbus the playhead in Maschine sits at 2.2 (as you can see in the screenshot).

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