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0006802bugs2016-02-28 16:58
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PlatformLenovo X200OSManjaro LinuxOS Version3.18.26-1
Product Version4.6 
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Summary0006802: renaming bus does not change output routing names in mixer
DescriptionWhen I changed name of bus called "solo" to "gtrs" (see attached image), channel output routing names stayed "solo".

After I reconnected the bus for track "soloM" output routing name for this channel changed to "gtrs".

After bus name change, opening routing grid shows no input connections to the bus, but the audio goes though from tracks same as before, with track outputs showing old and new bus names. Catia shows the same routing as well, so no problems with functionality.
Steps To Reproducecreate two tracks and one bus -> assign both tracks outputs to the bus -> change bus name
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2016-02-28 16:58


ardour_bus_names_stay.png (62,634 bytes)
ardour_bus_names_stay.png (62,634 bytes)

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