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0006761ardourbugspublic2020-07-06 15:41
Reportergustave.a Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformThinkpad x230OSKxStudioOS Version14.04.2
Summary0006761: Random notes in MIDI export stop short of the note_off event
DescriptionWhen I export MIDI using sfz instruments in the linuxsampler plugin, longer notes are often cut short (It seems especially to affect long notes). It is not always the same notes. It seems not related to number of tracks or number of concurrent samples. MIDI-playback works flawlessly.

It seems that for each time a note gets cut short, the console reports "Disk stream not available in time!"

Is this possibly a linuxsampler issue, and not Ardour's fault?
Steps To ReproduceExport MIDI through linuxsampler plugin in ardour. Make sure the project contains many long notes. I have this behaviour in all projects, no matter whether large or small.
Additional InformationArdour is version 4.6-22-g141e6fb. It is running without Jack. I use linuxsampler as a midi instrument and qsampler to control it. No other software other than what the OS brings is running in the background.

Hardware: Thinkpad x230 with 12 GB RAM and an SSD.

I add a project session including two exports that show the issue.
I also add the console output.
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2016-02-04 15:25


note_off-test.tar.gz (1,729,077 bytes)


2016-02-04 15:26

reporter   ~0017881

Since the upload limit is 5 MB, I had to erase the wavs from the export folder. But I added an mp3 of one export to the archive.


2018-07-31 22:42

reporter   ~0020365

I can report the same problem on the latest Archlinux

Ardour 5.12.0 amd64, linuxsampler 2.1.0

I am going to add a minimal session showing the problem


2018-07-31 22:43


playtest.tar.gz (84,222 bytes)


2020-07-03 05:30

administrator   ~0024584

Is this still an issue in 6.0?


2020-07-06 15:41

reporter   ~0024620

Yes, I confirm it remains an issue even in 6.0, with the same session I provided. If you need me provide further information, feel free to ask =)

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