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0006738ardourbugspublic2019-08-10 09:11
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PlatformAMD64OSUbuntuOS Version15.04/15.10
Product Version4.4 
Summary0006738: MIDI Channel control not working on live input
DescriptionUsing the MIDI channel control dialog (CHNS button in track), I select "Inbound: Force all channels to 4" and "Playback: Use a single fixed channel for all playback to 4"

To make explanation easier:

Channel 1 == piano
Channel 4 == strings

I use a keyboard that sends its data on channel 1
During live input and recording I hear channel 1 (the piano).
When I play the recorded data, I hear channel 4 (the strings).
The MIDI data in /interchange/{song}/midifiles (viewed with mftext) shows also channel 4.
Using the Ardour vertical keyboard on the track will also sound channel 4 (the strings).

So it is only the live input that is not being filtered by this dialog.
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2016-02-03 03:13

developer   ~0017873

I can confirm this issue exists with nightly version 4.6.201. Tested on windows(32-bit)


2019-08-10 09:10

reporter   ~0020712

This still seems to be a problem, but only when the transport is stopped. When the transport is rolling (even just playback), the monitoring follows the channel selector settings properly.


2019-08-10 09:11

reporter   ~0020713

Note: using 5.12.0.

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