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0006723ardourfeaturespublic2024-05-16 10:37
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Summary0006723: shift+mouse wheel on mixer should not change faders
DescriptionWhen horizontally scrolling using the mouse wheel while holding shift, no faders should be altert since it is very error-prone.
Steps To ReproduceIf users hold shift while scrolling, the mixer scrolls horizontally (what is very good).
If the mouse comes across a fader (be it of the strip itself or of a plugin), the value of the fader is changed according to the mouse wheel movement.
If there happens lot of horizontal scrolling in the mixer, this can easily change settings in an unwanted or even unrecognized fashion.
As other modifiers alter the behavior of the faders in combination with the mouse wheel, shift should as well (and disable adjusting them).
Additional InformationWorkaround is to aim the mouse at the height of the button areas in the mixer strips and shift+mouse wheel there.
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2024-05-14 08:29

reporter   ~0028734

Similar to this:

When using a horizontal scroll wheel (e.g. thumb wheel as on the MX Master mouse) the mixer strips will scroll backwards and forwards.

If your cursor goes over a send fader in the area. the horizontal scroll will be stopped and the fader will be altered. As lpirl notes above, this can easily change a setting, with no way to recall the correct one.

I would propose that a horizontal scroll wheel should only be used for scrolling, not for adjusting the faders. Even if the faders are displayed horizontally, they should be adjusted up and down using the vertical scroll wheel (unless the shift key is pressed).

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