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0006706features2017-08-27 17:51
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Platformi686OSXubuntuOS Version14.04 LTS
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Summary0006706: Improvements of x-run/dropout counter reset
DescriptionUseful new features for a set-up where an occasional x-run occurs during recording - since it is more informative if the x-run counter on the top right is reset when starting to record:

1. Engaging the global record button should reset the x-run counter. Reset or no reset should be configurable in Preferences->Transport (next to the two other x-run related entries)

2. A keyboard short-cut to enact this reset (currently that does not seem to be possible with the key binding editor). This alone would be as useful as point 1.

3. A single click on the counter resets it.

All these features make it simpler to reset the counter. The shift-click that is currently necessary is a bit cumbersome (mouse plus keyboard).

The x-run indicators on the location bar are already good for pinpointing all new and previous x-runs, but a green x-run counter is the easiest way to see that a clean recording took place.
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2015-12-18 14:47

administrator   ~0017728

1 + 2 are nice ideas

3: that'll be prone to accidental resets. Shift+click on the counter resets it.


2015-12-18 16:43

reporter   ~0017729

Good thought, agree that point 3 can have side effects. Implementing 1 and/or 2, then, would be very helpful for my set-up.


2017-02-14 19:44

reporter   ~0019393

Having a keyboard short-cut for this would still be useful for me. In Ardour 5.6 I still can't find one. - Thanks!


2017-08-27 17:51

reporter   ~0019991 keep the issue alive: a way to reset the drop-out counter with one hand alone would really be handy for me. Keyboard short-cut?

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