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0006678ardourfeaturespublic2019-04-11 14:56
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Summary0006678: Automatic grid
DescriptionIt's quite common to want to switch between a fine grid (e.g. for editing midi, audio clip placement), and a coarse grid (e.g. arrangement), and it's often the case when you do this that you zoom in and out. It would be really nice to have a grid mode that changed with the zoom.

It would also be good to have a setting for changing the coarseness of the automatic grid, e.g.: automatic, automatic coarse, automatic fine, automatic coarser/finer. This would help with screens of different resolution, etc.

I think it would be nice to have these available for multiple grid sub-divisions, too, e.g. if your track is 12/8, then when you zoom in enough, it splits the grid into triplets, and when you zoom out it splits into beats then bars. But I can't really think of a nice interface that would allow that easily. Maybe instead of having beats/7, beats/10, beats/14, etc. in the grid unit drop-down, it would be better to have a separate drop-down for grid time signature, and then all of the grid options in the grid drop-down would only relate to that. That would make it easy to switch between relevant time divisions, and also easy to switch between time signatures (although, since you can change the time signature in the track itself, I'm not sure why those options are even in the grid selector - why would you want beats/5 grid if you're in a 7/4 track section?)
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