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0006666ardourbugspublic2019-05-27 19:59
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Product Version4.4 
Summary0006666: MIDI notes get stuck when region is looped
DescriptionI'm seeing this with tracks that have TAL Noize Maker LV2 as their instrument and only after I have added a 3rd instance of the instrument to my session (each in a separate MIDI track of course).
If I set a region to loop, the first playback is fine. Once the loop end point is reached and the region loops from the start, the MIDI notes get stuck. A simple MIDI Panic (CTRL+ALT+P) fixes the issue.
This does not happen during normal playback (without loop), but happens every time at the start of the second run of the loop.
Note that this can happen even during a region that has a single MIDI track of Noize Maker, but happens every time if there are more than 2 instances of the instrument (in other tracks) in the entire session. It might be a Noize Maker specific issue, but I can reproduce it and MIDI Panic fix it every time.
Additional Information64 bit KX Studio 14.04 from
Ardour 4.4 downloaded from
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