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0006531ardourbugspublic2015-08-21 16:35
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Summary0006531: Loop position after tempo change ambiguous
Description(Ardour 4.2 on Ubuntu Studio)
Create a MIDI region of two bars (grid activated to beats). Enter one note at every beat of different pitch. Set the loop range to the first bar. Then change the tempo e.g. from 120 to 133. Adjust the loop position. But the first note of the first bar within the loop is not played - but the first note after the end of the loop. (This is another[?] bug.) Maybe a problem of rounding note/loop position.
Sometimes I had the strange case, that I could change the starting point of the loop (grid activated) from "02|00|00" to "01|04|1820" by grabbing it with the mouse and moving a little bit. But this position should be identical. (The very end of one bar is identical to the beginnig of the next bar.)
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