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Summary0006524: ZynAddSubFX LV2 weird stutering issues
DescriptionI've noticed a very strange behaviour of ZynAddSubFX in Ardour 4.1.

Notes played and internal parameter changes seem to be processed with a slew limiter and a sample-and-hold unit generating a slow changing sound with stutter and heavy note quantization.

I've captured a video:
Additional InformationI'm using KX Studio. I used Zyn a few months ago with Ardour and such stuff didn't happen.
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2015-08-19 21:31

administrator   ~0017067

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with DSP load > 90%.. (indicator top-right) things like this are to be expected. those are x-runs.

There are probably some other heavy plugins in your session or CPU heavy jack applications running.
Increasing the jack buffersize may also help.
For everything over 80% DSP load you'll be out of luck for any reliable audio/midi performance (note that jack display the average not the max).


2015-08-20 12:43

reporter   ~0017072

I don't think that's the cause, becasue in the same session I'be been playing MDA Piano with an external USB MIDI keyboard for hours without hearing a single dropout.
There are no audible clicks, as there are with xruns. I know that recordings not always capture xruns as they sound out of the soundcard, but in this case, the sound captured in the video is verbatim. I listened to it after uploading.

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