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0006520ardourfeaturespublic2015-08-20 17:05
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Product Version4.1 
Summary0006520: Adding preset capabilities to inserts
DescriptionAdding preset options to inserts would make working with inserts much quicker and easier. The idea would be to have the same options as plugins so that you can save an inserts routing, latency, etc for quick and easy recall at a later stage.
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2015-08-19 09:38


insert_presets.png (15,941 bytes)   
insert_presets.png (15,941 bytes)   


2015-08-20 17:05

manager   ~0017077

nice idea. think people with massive analog i/o and a bunch of vintage outboard gear permanently wired to it. this way, you can just select "UREI 1176" or "SpaceEcho" rather than having to remember which port they're on. ++

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