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0006487ardourbugspublic2015-07-28 12:28
Reporterhimhui Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product VersionMixbus 3.0 
Summary0006487: MB crashed when creating subgroup bus
DescriptionMB3.01.268 win7x64

It crashes when adding new subgroup bus if track(s) inside the group contain(s) plugin(s).
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2015-07-28 12:28


DPF4UH@OK1NAAZ~9SY{FNF4.jpg (72,579 bytes)   
DPF4UH@OK1NAAZ~9SY{FNF4.jpg (72,579 bytes)   

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2015-07-28 12:28 himhui New Issue
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