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0006471ardourbugspublic2015-07-22 19:00
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Product Version4.X git (version in description) 
Summary0006471: Region context menu has lots of entries that are not applicable, in some mouse modes
DescriptionIn Object (Grab) mode, right-clicking on a region will select the region, and the items in the menu have a target.

In other mouse modes (Range, Internal Edit), right-clicking on a region will show the region submenu, and populate the menu entries, but no region is selected so they don't do anything.

Similarly, right-clicking in an empty track (in Object mode) will select the track, and populate the menu with track events. But in other modes, several of the items don't have a selected track to target so they don't work.

There are some global items that work regardless of selection, such as "play from edit point".

Possible solutions:
1) right-clicking on a region in ANY mode should select the region/track


2) rework the menu so it only shows items that will work (i.e. have a selection target)


3) disable the right-click context menu from all mouse modes except Object & Smart.

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