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0006457ardourbugspublic2015-08-09 00:22
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Product VersionMixbus 3.0 
Summary0006457: Multi-IO plugins are not handled correctly even when the configuration is valid
DescriptionThis may affect other track types, but the example given is on the Master track.

In the screen shot you can see the issue. The plugin Voxego Span has been inserted on the master track. Span is an audio spectrum analyzer that can handle anything from mono to 8 channel audio. It has 8 i/o points which you can see in the screenshot.

The problem is that the 8 i/o confuses the master strip and you end up with lots of strange side effects.

1. The Master strip gets 8 ports
2. If you are using the monitor section, you get disconnected from your speakers and it goes to 8 ports.
3. Audio does not come out in the right spots. It appears that the VBAP panner gets inserted in the strip, because the output appears across 3 channels (2 with higher level and 1 with lower level on output 5,6,7). Compared to A4 with the panner at default this looks the same. To see this in Mixbus place a send after the plugin so that you get 8 wide meters to look at.

Need a better way to handle wide plugs that have a valid use on stereo channels.
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2015-07-16 23:03


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2015-07-27 16:21

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an 8 wide output causes the Mono function in the monitor section to attenuate the output drastically.


2015-08-09 00:22

administrator   ~0017008

Mono in the monitor-section is equal-amplitude:
The signal of all channels is summed and divided by number of channels.

One could argue that it should be rather equal power, but still that part is not a bug. The more channels, the more gain reduction.

The issue at hand here is that Voxengo should be wrapped -> use only 2 channels of its output and leave master and monitor section in stereo.

The hidden VBAP panner is now disabled (since mixbus+3.0-1245-g2b9b5a7)

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