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0006427ardourbugspublic2015-07-15 19:19
Reporterbvdl Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product VersionMixbus 3.0 
Summary0006427: Mixbus 3 crash
DescriptionAfter I imported a few tracks into my project, when selecting a region with the region tool, and right click for loop region, mixbus instantly crashes.
Additional InformationWindows 8.1 / Lenovo B590 Intel Pentium 2020M@ 2.40Ghz / Ram 4GB / 64bit
Run Mixbus as administrator.
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2015-07-09 21:15


Mixbus 3 crash loop region.png (146,152 bytes)   
Mixbus 3 crash loop region.png (146,152 bytes)   


2015-07-09 22:34

administrator   ~0016864

Harrison have their own bug reporting system for Mixbus. This system is for Ardour.


2015-07-14 19:47

administrator   ~0016875

Does the crash also happen when using the "Portaudio" audio-system (instead of ASIO)?

This "Programming Error: no per thread pool" strikes me as an issue with the ASIO backend. Either due to the soundcard's driver or due to a plugin (with custom DSP thread + split cycles when looping).

Ardour4 will likely have the same issue.


2015-07-15 19:19

developer   ~0016887

User said:

"I'm happy to tell you that the looping problem doesn't exist on my serious i7 /Windows 7/16GB RAM"

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