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0006410bugs2016-03-08 02:12
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Summary0006410: USB Keyboard not working
DescriptionUSB keyboard is recognised by other programs on Ubuntu except for Ardour.
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2015-07-02 12:57

administrator   ~0016827

a USB MIDI-keyboard?

if so please see for use with JACK.

or when using the Ardour's/ALSA backend make sure to enable Midi System.

Could you please provide more information? Which keyboard model.. what configuration do you use for Ardour.


2015-07-03 07:43

reporter   ~0016834

cant get usb midi keyboard working according to the instructions


2015-07-04 02:27

reporter   ~0016836

keyboard is now working, thanks for your time.

What I did was this:
1. Installed a2jmidid
2. started Ardour
3. run a2jmidid
4. run QjackCtl and connect usb to midi through (didnt follow manual by setting midi to none or unselecting alsa sequencer)
5. go into Ardour Midi inputs and outputs and make sure green button is selected for each.


2015-07-07 12:00

reporter   ~0016849

Sorry, problem still not resolved. Tried to follow manual with no success and then tried just opening qjackctl with sound but not able to use keyboard.



2015-07-30 20:53

administrator   ~0016978

Why MIDI thru? (that's some legacy alsa loopback)

run `a2jmidid -e` to get the hardware exposed directly, or use Ardour's ALSA backend (no jack).

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