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0006396bugs2020-12-07 18:04
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Product Version4.X git (version in description) 
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Summary0006396: adjusting fade on region will trigger autoscroll
DescriptionTo recreate:

1) create 2 tracks
2) select the first track, and click F to fill the height
2) scroll down to second track, and click F to fill the height
4) grab the fade handle of a region on the second track
5) any upward motion of the mouse will trigger an autoscroll. The track you are editing will be scrolled out of sight. This can be disorienting.

To Do:
Trimming a region's fade end should disable vertical autoscroll.

autoscroll should only be allowed if you are dragging a region or dragging a rect-select box.
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2020-11-18 00:34

reporter   ~0025237

This issue is still present on version 6.3.0.
I would modify slightly the way to recreate it, mainly regarding to how the mouse has to be moved:

1) There must be at least 2 tracks visible and the bottom/last track must have one region (on the top layer in stacked view) .
2) Select only the bottom/last track and press "F" shortcut to adjust to screen height.
3) Perform a crossfade (at region start or end, it doesn't matter). Even if you just move the mouse prefectly horizontally it will scroll the screen vertically until you move the mouse away from the edge of the editor area or release click (if you had several tracks above, it can get you really far away). The "edge" that triggers autoscroll is (roughly) the same size of the square that allows you to do a crossfade, so it will always mess the view, no matter where you click to perform the fade.

One workaround I've found is clicking the crossfade square and immediatly move diagonally downwards to move away from the "edge" area and avoid autoscroll. However I think this is not practical; as a user it took me a lot of time to realize it was an issue instead of my own fault.
Another way would be doing a crossfade with keyboard shortcuts, not with mouse.

The same thing happens if you attempt to modify crossfade and region length using the bottom square, though it would move the view downwards.

I agree with Ben that changing fade length with mouse should disable vertical autoscroll if possible.


2020-12-03 23:58

reporter   ~0025282

I added a fix for this in


2020-12-07 18:04

reporter   ~0025291

I just checked it on Ardour 6.5.32 and it works as expected (i.e. changing fade length with mouse disables vertical autoscroll).

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