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Summary0006315: Collapse grouped tracks feature
DescriptionBack when I used Cakewalk Sonar 8, Sonar had a nice feature that allowed the user to create groups of tracks (which Ardour does) and then collapse the group in the main view to a single row (which Ardour doesn't do). This would be a very useful visual workflow option. The workaround is to hide individual tracks. While that's useful in itself, it's unwieldy when one wishes to one-click-hide all tracks assigned to a group, especially when all tracks in that group have their output routed to a bus for processing.
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2015-10-27 12:19



2015-10-27 12:19

reporter   ~0017528

Ableton does it fairly nicely: (attached)

Basically, when a group is collapsed, you can still see all of the tracks, but not their headers, and each track is only a few px high. This is great for a percussion group, because you can still see the main sections quite well from an arrangement perspective.


2018-11-20 17:27

reporter   ~0020474

+1 for this

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