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0006270bugs2020-04-19 20:17
ReportereduardomezencioAssigned Totimbyr 
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version4.0 
Fixed in Version5.X git (version in description) 
Summary0006270: Inputting midi notes after tempo change results in wrong note duration
DescriptionSteps to reproduce: create a session and let the first two measures have different tempos. Create a midi region occupying these two measures. Insert a midi note in the first measure, by clicking and dragging it to last 2 beats. It'll give you a note with a 2 beats duration alright. If you do the same to the second measure, that have a different tempo, the note will have the wrong duration. It will be longer/shorter depending if the tempo is faster or slower.

It makes no difference if snapping is on or off..
Additional InformationI have recorded a small video showing this bug. I can upload it if someone find it useful.
Tags4.0, 4.2, 4.4, Midi, tempo, tempo change

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2015-10-26 01:43

reporter   ~0017513

I also discovered another thing that may be just an 'extension' of this bug. If you place a midi region in a range that contains two different tempos and then split the region in two, when you place notes in the second region the notes are going to be placed in the wrong position: it will be placed ahead if the second tempo is faster than the first and behind if the second tempo is slower than the first one.


2016-05-06 18:44

reporter   ~0018179

I just stumbled into this :( I discovered that you can work around this issue either by creating note with simple click (instead of drag - it will have length of one snap unit) or by resizing it later - editing seems to work fine.


2016-05-10 22:54

administrator   ~0018186

There are huge changes coming to tempo/meter (primarily to allow "ramping"). Unlikely we'll look into any reports like this until that work has been incorporated into the main development branch. Just FYI.


2016-05-11 15:40

reporter   ~0018187

Thanks for the info. Ramping surely sounds cool. Does this development happen in tempo_ramps branch? Is there any ETA?


2016-11-20 01:05

developer   ~0018998

I just tested with version 5.4.399 on linux and cannot reproduce this issue.

Can you please confirm that this issue is now fixed. Thanks.


2017-01-13 03:04

reporter   ~0019277

Well, my computer is broken and I can't test it for now.. I'll test as soon as I can, but I'm dropping a donation right now anyways


2017-01-13 23:50

developer   ~0019278

I've just retested this with version 5.5.480 and it still seems to work correctly, so I'm going to mark this issue as resolved.

Thanks for the donation.


2017-01-13 23:53

developer   ~0019279

Fixed at some point in the early 5.X releases


2020-04-19 20:17

developer   ~0023440

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