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0006257ardourbugspublic2016-12-06 07:21
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Product Version5.5 
Summary0006257: Note pitch only updated after stopping and starting and stopping playback and then starting it again
DescriptionSteps to reproduce:
- create a new session with a midi track and enter a note at the beginning
- move playback to the beginning, either using auto return or manually
- move the note up
- play the note ? it still has the old pitch
- stop playback, move to the beginning and start it again ? note has the new pitch

I am using commit g9ad49ca from master
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2015-04-25 11:02

reporter   ~0016641

Last edited: 2015-04-25 11:08

Probably related to this is that if I have 3 notes following each other, I am at the beginning of the track and I move the last one up and the first one doesn't stop playing when the second one starts (they don't overlap, even if I have an empty beat in between them this happens). Stopping and playing again fixes this as well.


2016-12-04 18:36

reporter   ~0019111

This issue is still present in Ardour 5.5.


2016-12-06 06:37

developer   ~0019119

I cannot reproduce this issue with version 5.5 by following the steps.

Is the behaviour the same since you first submitted this report?

If you can still reproduce in 5.5 can you please be more precise in your steps to reproduce. For instance in step 4 "play note ?" what do you mean and how are you doing that.

If you can take a screencast that would be great.

I do notice some issues with buffering if you make a short loop and move the notes during playback but it is not clear that is what is happening in your case. Reducing the MIDI read-ahead time in MIDI preferences can help in that case.


2016-12-06 07:00

reporter   ~0019121

@timbyr Thanks for looking into this! I made a screencast to make it more clear what I’m doing To start/stop playback I just pressed "space". One more thing I noticed is that I need to move to the beginning (manually or via autoreturn) _before_ moving the note to reproduce this bug. Also the note is initially not played at all which seems like it is probably related.


2016-12-06 07:17

developer   ~0019124

OK, thanks. I can confirm this issue with 5.5

It seems related to using Auto-return (which I didn't try when testing previously) as using go to start of session (Home key or transport button) or moving the playhead to start with the mouse doesn't cause this issue and the correct note is played.


2016-12-06 07:20

reporter   ~0019125

It is not related to using auto-return (at least for me). If you stop playback, move the playhead back to the start (using the mouse), move a note and then start playback the exact same issue occurs.

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