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Summary0006254: Shuttle speed control has massive lags
DescriptionArdour Version:
Ardour 4.0.rc3.21

Linux Mint 17, 64 bit

When scrolling with the shuttle speed control it is extremely laggy. Strangely this only seems to happen, if a MIDI track is present in the session. See attached video for clarification.

- Open new session
- Add MIDI track
- Scroll with shuttle speed control

Always reproducible with my current setting but I don't know of someone else experiencing this issue.
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2015-04-15 14:55


out-1_short.ogv (4,254,841 bytes)


2017-05-26 12:51

reporter   ~0019743

This is still present in 5.8. Still, only after having added a MIDI track.


2017-05-26 14:01

administrator   ~0019744

It depends a lot on the buffersize. Speed-changes happen once per process-cycle.

Particularly mouse-wheel'ing on the shuttle can queue a lot of GUI events which are processed at a lower rate if the buffersize is not small.


2017-05-26 17:28

reporter   ~0019745

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Indeed, if I decrease the buffer size a lot then this behavior is gone.

I'm not familiar with this part of the code base of Ardour. Would it be possible to drop certain GUI events if we know that they will become obsolete because of a later event in the queue?

Just to also make this clear: I don't care about the shuttle control because I would never use it productively in any way. I just think that if it exists, it shouldn't be buggy.


2020-03-27 21:54

reporter   ~0021059

This is not an issue anymore as the shuttle control changed significantly since the last comment.

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