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0006228features2017-05-14 09:06
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Summary0006228: Changing metronome volume with mouse wheel
DescriptionIt might be nice to be able to change the metronome volume by, say, hovering over the metronome button and using the mouse wheel to adjust the metronome volume.
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2015-04-07 01:37

administrator   ~0016560

nice idea.


2016-01-14 20:41

reporter   ~0017787

+1 or alternate user friendly method for changing gain as quick as possible (e.g. some dedicated volume slider for the metronome in the mixer window)

I have the need to change the metronome gain at regular basis. The current method is not user friendly in that case.


2016-01-15 19:56

reporter   ~0017795

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To throw in an idea:

The shuttle control, which is buggy anyway, could be replaced by a metronome volume slider and a button (like the "Follow Edits" one) controling the emphasis on the first beat.

This just came to my mind. I'm absolutely not sure myself if it's a good idea.

I'm suggesting this as I fear that scrolling on the metronome button might be too non-obvious. If it isn't and I'm just imagining it then i think we chould go for that.


2017-05-14 09:06

reporter   ~0019691

In current git, scrolling on the metronome button changes the volume. Thus, I mark this as resolved. (I didn't implement it)

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