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0006115ardourfeaturespublic2015-01-07 23:42
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Summary0006115: Allow editing properties of multiple selected regions in one properties window
DescriptionFollowing on from bug 0006111, I think it would be nice to be able to edit (common) properties from multiple selected regions in one window. Currently properties is not accessible if more than one region is selected.
Additional InformationThe specific use-case I run into quite often is multiple regions in a track, recorded from the same source (ie, channel: mic, instrument, etc) at different times -- for example, imagine 5-10 segments (eg, songs), where I started and stopped recording for each segment. After recording is finished, I would like to maximize the gains on all regions in each track, but keep them all in sync, limited by the loudest one, so that an initial rough mix works for all recording segments (all other things equal). Essentially I guess that amounts temporarily thinking of all the regions on each track as one big region. Currently I have to open a properties window on each track's regions one at a time, arrange them on the screen, look at the maximum amplitude across them all to determine the max common gain I can apply, then type that into each properties window, and finally close all the windows. And repeat that for each track. Perhaps I'm unaware of a better way to do this..?
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